Honesty is the best policy

It goes without saying that when you are buying any insurance policy, it’s your legal duty to disclose all the material facts to your broker or underwriter. If you don’t, any subsequent claim you may make could be thrown out with the inevitable expensive results. However, failing to disclose essential information is not always the result of deliberate dishonesty – and we have noticed that two common misconceptions often occur in relation to motor insurance.

The first of these are accidents that are not your fault. Naturally, an underwriter/broker will ask if you have had any previous accidents, thefts or claims. Some people think that if they have been deemed to be ‘not at fault’ and the other person’s insurance has settled the claim, then they don’t need to give any details about the incident. Not so! The fact is, you have been involved in an accident – whether or not it was your fault – and therefore your own broker/underwriter should have that information.

The other misunderstanding that often arises concerns motoring convictions – and when they have been wiped from the record and when they should be disclosed. Most convictions stay on your licence for three years; however, every underwriter that we deal with at Haden Welbeck will want to know about any motoring offences within the last five years. Indeed, when it comes to serious convictions, such as drink driving, many will ask if you have ever had any convictions.

So, the best advice is to make sure you clearly understand what you’re being asked and, of course, answer honestly.


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